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Philip & Phoebe

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Philip & Phoebe by Anne Brandt, is about sibling rivalry. But it’s really about magic too. What older child hasn’t felt left out when the new baby arrives? Philip certainly does. When Phoebe cries, everyone runs to see what is the matter. When Philip cries, he’s told to be a big boy. Even wearing his superhero cape, he is unhappy. Finally, Philip devises a plan. He will magically change Phoebe into something more manageable, more exciting, more fun. Does he succeed? Author Anne Brandt and illustrator Annie Poon won’t reveal what happens.

7”x7”, 32 pgs / Ages 4-8 / July 2016 / ISBN: 9780997509908


Bevery Hills Book Awards

5th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards: Finalist for excellence in design, text and printing presentation (Children's Picture Books Ages 4-8)


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