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Spectacled Bear About

Our Mission

Spectacled Bear Publishing is an independent publisher whose authors and illustrators represent a gentle view of the world through excellent writing, editing, design, production, and promotion. We publish children’s literature and occasionally other works that serve as alternatives to the often bearish world of today.

Our Story

Spectacled Bear Publishing began in 2016 with our first imprint Philip & Phoebe, a children’s book by Anne Brandt that explores a place where sibling rivalry meets magic. Taking as inspiration the legacy of the many bears in literature – from Winnie the Pooh to Paddington to Corduroy to Beady Bear to Lynd Ward’s biggest bear and others – our aim in the book market is to present children’s literature and occasionally poetry that offer both comfort and inspiration.

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About the real Spectacled Bears

Serendipity lead us to discover that there is an actual, real-life spectacled bear. It's rather small as bears go, lives in South America along the Andes Mountain range, and is on the vulnerable list. “Vulnerable” isn’t as awful as “endangered,” but it still means that the species is in danger.

Spectacled bears are private by nature, mostly herbivores, and are eager to cause no harm unless threatened. Their habitat, especially tall trees in a forest, is being trampled in favor of lumber and farming. In fact, only a mere five percent of their original habitat remains. They do not hibernate.

Happily there are several agencies working to help this charming creature. For more information visit World Wildlife Federation and the Spectacled Bear Conservation Society.

In case you are wondering, the Spectacled Bear Publishing logo isn’t intended to depict the actual animal. Rather, our bear is more of a teddy bear wearing glasses to show his love of books. Our bear is an avid reader and writes a blog for this site on an old manual typewriter.

Our Team

Founder: Spectacled Bear Publishing was established by author Anne Brandt as her first children’s book project grew to include a team of talents eager to work together.

Marketing & Technology: Chris Bick of Pioneer Agency oversees the marketing aspects of Spectacled Bear Publishing from press coverage to social media. Serving in a double role, he is also the company’s IT Director.

Design: Keith Carollo designed the Spectacled Bear Publishing logo and works on many of our other projects.

Administrative: Emma Fernandez insures the day-to-day administrative and business functions operate smoothly.

Advisory Board: Our team of consultants shares its knowledge on such topics as diversity, age appropriateness of products, and literary merit. They are Cheryl Barry, Alice Ford, Sondra Levin, Jeannine Marks and Judith Thompson.

Blogger: S. Bear, our four-legged correspondent from South America, comments on books, bears, and everything else.

Printer: We're pleased to partner with Walsworth, a family-owned company that employs more than 1,250 people worldwide. Click here to see what that company said about Spectacled Bear.



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