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Would You Like to Tango?

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Do you like to dance? Bears don’t dance unless they have been trained to do so, like at the circus. Unfortunately, most of the times it isn’t a wonderful experience for the bears so we tend to stay away from the dancing world. But the tango has always fascinated me.

Yesterday my Grandma Masha called and reminded me that the World Tango Championship has finished. She knows how much I love tango. It is held in Argentina and it sure is an incredible thing to experience. That’s what we are told anyways. I’ve never been because I don’t think they would let a bear in to watch the dancing.

The tango was originally a dance held at ceremonies by African slaves along the River Plata, which is the natural border between Uruguay and Argentina. It soon became very popular and spread throughout Europe and the United States. During times of economic recession and dictatorships, the tango declined since it was considered a “public gathering.”

There are many different styles and techniques of the tango and they are all beautiful. Have you ever danced the tango?

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