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World Cup Qualifiers

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Soccer Ball

If you are from America, your favorite sport might be baseball or football. But if you’re from South America, your favorite sport is futbol. Soccer, that is. And the World Cup is the biggest event in soccer. Unlike other sports competitions, the World Cup only happens every four years. The next World Cup is in 2018, but qualifiers have already started to see which teams will advance to play for the world title. I’m not a human, but I have heard many soccer lovers talk about how the World Cup works, so I pass on my knowledge to you.

For teams in South America to play in the World Cup, 90 games will be played in South America alone to decide which teams from South America will play in the World Cup in Russia. The top four teams out of those games will qualify for the World Cup. The team that comes in fifth place will have one more chance to qualify. That team will have to win the intercontinental play-off to advance to the World Cup. The same idea applies to all of the different continents.

I hope I explained that right.

While there are many excellent teams in South America, my favorite team for the World Cup is Argentina. If you watched the last World Cup you will know they made it all the way to the final game. However, they didn’t win. Other humans like the teams from Brasil and Chile. Other humans in South America cheer for teams from other countries like Spain and Italy. Since I don’t have a TV, I listen to the games over the radio.

Whichever team you decide to root for, the World Cup is always a lot of fun to watch. Or listen to.  

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