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World Animal Day

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Love the Animals

October 4th was World Animal Day. It was a Tuesday, and I didn’t notice anything particularly special about it. I didn’t get any flowers or balloons, not even my grandma Masha called me. But I guess that’s not the point of World Animal Day, is it?

World Animal Day has to do more with awareness and welfare for all animals. So it’s not really a celebration and it’s not really about endangered species. I read that there are events organized around the world such as fundraisers, adoption events, and workshops to help humans understand animals better.

World Animal Day was started back in 1925 by a German publisher named Heinrich Zimmermann. He was an animal protection activist and the magazine that he published was called Man and Dog in English. He sounds like he was a nice man who really cared about animals. He chose October 4 because that is the day that many churches honor Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology (animals).

Click here for more info about World Animal Day activities.

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