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The Origin of Chocolate

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Do you like chocolate? I think almost everyone likes some sort of chocolate: ice cream, cake, syrup, or just a plain chocolate bar. Did you know that chocolate starts off on a cacao (cocoa) tree?

From there humans take the beans out, dry them, and then they can make chocolate. There are some wild cocoa trees here in South America. My brother went on a long trip many years ago to explore more of South America. One of the things he brought back was a cacao pod.

Over the years we have tasted a few chocolate bars that explorers have left behind. But we don’t know anything about making chocolate, so we ate the seeds. We really enjoyed them, but they don’t taste anything like a chocolate bar! But really, bears aren’t supposed to eat a lot of chocolate. So, it’s better for us to eat the seeds anyways.

Our favorite little boy Philip likes chocolate too. Find out why in Philip & Phoebe!

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