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Social Media

This month at Spectacled Bear we are working on some new projects that have to do with social media! We are excited to find new bloggers and other companies interested in children’s books and expand our network of fellow book lovers.

Social media sometimes can seem overwhelming and sometimes it’s hard for me to like pictures and tweets with my big paws. But I have recently found a new appreciation for all of the people who use social media. Some of them are mothers, teachers, publishers, and they all want to help cultivate a love of reading.

That’s what we want to do as well! So, if we are all connected, we can share ideas and spread the love for gentle reads.

Help us spread the word! Is there a certain Spectacled Bear post that you especially liked? Maybe you enjoyed:

If you read it and liked it- share it! You can tweet it, share it to Facebook, or to some other social media sites. Help us save gentle reads from extinction.

Look for our new social media posts coming soon!

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