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Prince William

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Prince William Vietnam

Prince William is quite a public figure in England. We animals like him too. He does a lot to promote our rights. He has traveled to a lot of places around world to promote awareness and end animal cruelty. Pastuso told his Aunt Lucy that Prince William is very nice and wants to change some of the things his country does that harm animals. So, I check from time to time to see what he is up to.

Prince William recently spent two days in Vietnam. Apparently, there is a lot of illegal wildlife trade still happening in the world. There was a special conference to talk about it and see what can be done to help our elephant and rhinoceros friends. Many of them are killed for their horns and tusks and then are used in traditional medicines and other things.   

On behalf of all the Animal Kingdom, I’d like to express my deep gratitude to Prince William. I appreciate that he takes his time to fight animal cruelty, even though I’m sure he could spend his time doing other things. I hope that more humans are motivated to do the same.

Your friend,

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