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Philip & Phoebe Is a Finalist!

Anne Brandt Annie Poon award Beverly Hills Book Awards Philip & Phoebe picture book


We love our children’s book Philip & Phoebe and are glad to know that many others love it as well. We recently received word that it was a finalist in the Beverly Hills Book Awards picture book category for children ages 4-8!

We are all so very happy; Spectacled Bear Publishing is off to a great start! The first book we published has already received a medallion. This is great news for us as a publishing company, it really goes to prove that we know how to pick great authors to represent. We are glad to be working with author Anne Brandt and are excited to see what the future holds for our little publishing company. It is especially a happy moment for me, because many bears thought I had lost my berries when I decided to start a publishing company. Bears can’t publish books, they said. But my years of reading and collecting books has paid off, and I have accomplished my dream.

Did you know that Anne Brandt wrote the story Philip & Phoebe over 40 years ago? Many years later she found it at the bottom of a cardboard box. Well, we are so glad that she found it! It looks much better on a bookshelf than in a box. Congratulations to Anne, Annie, and everyone else who worked on making Philip & Phoebe a reality!

I can’t wait to phone my grandma Masha and tell her the good news. If you think It’s good news too, feel free to share this article on your social media pages.

Your friend,

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