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Panda Bears

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Spectacled Bear Panda Bear

There is good news in the bear community - the Giant Panda is no longer considered an endangered species! It was declared endangered over 30 years ago! Even though I have never met our distant relatives, this makes me very happy for them. It is scary to have such an uncertain future. It is nice to see how humans have really tried to better protect their habitat and make sure that baby pandas were able to stay healthy and enter into the wild. It impresses me what good humans are capable of accomplishing when they all work together. The Giant Panda is something of an icon for animal rights, which I can understand. They are surprisingly cute for being bears.

However, the Pandas are not quite out of the woods yet. They are still considered a vulnerable species, just like us Spectacled Bears. This means they could potentially become endangered again. Mostly this happens because of their natural habitat being destroyed or lost due to climate conditions. I hope that humans and animals can continue to work together to protect our natural habitats and allow us to keep growing in numbers. Hopefully someday we won’t even be considered vulnerable.

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