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Learning a New Language

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Learning a Language

As many of you know, English is not my first language. I speak Bear first, then Spanish. I didn’t think too much about English until my Grandma Masha suggested that it could come in handy one day. She was right! It would be hard to have a publishing company if I didn’t speak English!

That doesn’t mean that learning English was easy. I had to rely on listening to the radio, reading English literature, and listening to the tourists in Cloud Forest. My Grandma Masha already knew some English from her friend Lucy, so she helped me with my pronunciation. But it is difficult! Sometimes I just wanted to give up.

My Grandma Masha told me I had to learn to laugh at myself when I make a mistake in a language. This helped me during those hard times and I was able to continue learning. Of course, my team still helps me with some mistakes, but I am the first one to laugh about them.

What is the lesson? Don’t give up at learning something new, even when you make mistakes. Amazing things can happen, like a bear who speaks English and owns a publishing company

Your friend,


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