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Endangered Species Day

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Endangered Species Day

I am learning that humans have a lot of special days for animals. For example, May 19 is National Endangered Species Day. It is designed to help everyone learn about why they should protect endangered species. Many zoos and wildlife organizations participate in this education. It was started in 2006 by the US Congress. It’s also interesting to note that the day is always the third Friday of May, so it’s not always May 19.

You may remember that the Panda Bear was taken off of the endangered species list. This was great news, but then I got to thinking that Panda Bears don’t live in the United States. I became curious as to what animals in the United States are considered endangered.

I was surprised to find that among the endangered species in the US are the woodland Caribou, the Jaguar, the Point Arena Mountain Beaver, and the Sea Turtle.   

It was interesting to discover that some of the efforts to help endangered species have worked, just like with the Panda. For example, the American Alligator was almost extinct in the 1950s, but made a full recovery by 1987 and is found in many places in the Southern US today. The American Alligator is one of the first success stories for endangered species.

Click here for a full list of endangered species in the US. 

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