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Christopher Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

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This infamous man set out on his first voyage in August 1492. He probably had no idea of the lasting impact that his voyage would have in human (and animal) history. Although he was in search of a westward route to Asia for spices and other oriental products, he landed in the Americas.

His voyages to the Americas had a great impact on the indigenous people. They were exposed to new cultures, animals, and languages. But they were also exposed to new sickness, new ideas, and slavery. Unfortunately, most of the indigenous people did not survive these changes.

If you look at a map, it is clear that he didn’t know much about geography at the time. But no matter how you feel about Columbus and his methods, his voyages led to better knowledge of geography, the discovery of the “New World” and established new trade routes between continents.  

Would you have wanted to go with Columbus on his first journey?

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