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Baloo the Bear

Baloo the Bear Children's Books The Jungle Book


I love The Jungle Book. It’s a great tale of adventure and how amazing things can happen if humans and animals work together. I wish that happened more often in real life. My favorite character in The Jungle Book is Baloo the Bear. He is quite inspiring. He is kind, gentle, and wants to help Mowgli. He helps him see that he doesn’t need to pretend to be a wolf to fit in; he just needs to be himself. What a great lesson for all kids who struggling to fit in.

I also love that Baloo teaches Mowgli that we should we happy with the simple things in life. I love his song, “The Bare Necessities.” I find myself humming it a lot while I look out from my tree house at the beautiful mountains. I love my home, just like Baloo loves his jungle. Sometimes I like to make a list of the simple things in life that make me happy. Here are a few:

        • My beautiful home
        • The trees
        • Amazing fruits
        • Orchids
        • Swimming in the river
        • Exploring the mountains

      Do you have a list of your bare necessities? Think about it. In my next blog I’ll finally tell you how I found my typewriter.

      Your friend,

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